Long creamy cardigan

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    • Long cardigan with a hood in a soft creamy color has a trendy bathrobe cut with fallen sleeves and it has a tie around the waist.The combination of Sorona material with 70% wool pleasantly warms you up and is suitable for everyday wear.Sorona is a new industrial biotechnology product that is made from corn glucose.The fibers of the fabric are very soft and also highly resistant towards stains and abrasion.

    • - Warm 70% wool with Sorona material
    • - Bathrobe cut with fallen sleeves
    • - Fastening with tie at the waist
    • - Two front pockets

  • 70% wool
  • wash, dry and iron inside out
  • dry clean with tetrachlorethene
  • do not bleach
  • very fine and delicate hand-washing
  • do not dry in a drier
  • iron up to 110°C
Ladies knitwear - DZ6910007XDC