We believe fashion plays a vital role in the future and that is to help us seek out and express who we really are. We are referring to something much deeper than a discussion about perfect cuts, the finest materials, corporate traditions or even sustainability.

That is why we are introducing a new concept “Respect what you feel”, a deep dive into ourselves and our emotions. We believe that there is a need to rediscover our true selves and respect what we feel.

Pay as you feel

Introducing a new shopping approach. From now on, you can choose how much you pay for our products depending on how you feel.
Whether the current situation makes you feel insecure, or oppositely, you want to support Pietro Filipi. We respect what you feel, so the final price will be adapted accordingly.


2 price levels


1. Do you feel great? Treat yourself to a new piece and pay 30% less than the original price.
2. Do you want to support your favorite brand? If you have valued our products and services for a long time, you can support us by contributing 10% extra on top of the original price. 


How does it work? 

 In the physical store, all you have to do is inform the cashier when paying. When shopping online, select your favourite pieces marked with “pay as you feel” label.

Add items to your basket and enter the selected code to the “pay as you feel” fill-out box":

I feel great: I feel great
I wish to support Pietro Filipi: I wish to support Pietro Filipi‚Äč