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Have we level the prices for you? You can now purchase your favourite items for half the price. Simply make use of our 50% discount. This special offer applies to selected products in both our brick-and-mortar shops and on our e-shop.

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The new Silverline collection is again timeless, says designer Ivana Mentlova

“Timeless design, deluxe fabrics and excellent potential for combination,” that is how Ivana Mentlová, a leading Czech fashion designer, briefly describes the anticipated, twelfth collection bearing the Silverline name. 

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The new Rain Man collection - functional, elegant, urban, sporty

“Elegant men’s urban fashion with hi-tech elements and a touch of sportiness,” is how designer Filip Hieke from Pietro Filipi briefly describes the new collection. This limited and exclusive edition, which is targeted at autumn/winter, can also be worn in the...

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New fall/winter 2019 collection

Discover our new fall/winter 2019 collection, which combines timeless formal elegance with the newest trends. The first models are available at our brick-and-mortar shops and at our e-shop.

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