Men's sweater in a blue color

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    • Men's full-length sweater made of 100% cotton is interesting with its delicate melange in gray and blue colour which is enhanced by denim knits.Thanks to the favorite bean, it is very pleasant and comfortable for everyday wear.The sweater can replace a jacket and perfectly goes with suit trousers and a shirt.
    • - 100% cotton
    • - Button sweater
    • - Classic bean with denim knitswear
    • - Slight collar
  • 100% cotton
  • wash, dry and iron inside out
  • dry clean with tetrachlorethene
  • do not bleach
  • wash carefully at the temperature of 30°C
  • do not dry in a drier
  • iron up to 110°C
Men´s knitwear - PK6960016XOA