Anthracite elegance

This year’s fashion collection is even more heavily inspired by men’s fashion, but is complemented by typical feminine details. The anthracite colour is livened up with a subtle chequered pattern, which allows for infinite combinations. The trousers and the blazer are made from a fabric with added wool, which keeps you comfortable even on colder days.


Fashion combinatorics

This year’s collection is a so-called capsule collection – the individual items can be combined with each other to create new models. “When worn with the trousers made from the same fabric, the vest or shirt will create a jumpsuit outfit. The light jacket can be worn as a dress when belted and creates a trouser suit when worn with the trousers,” Ivana Mentlová explains.


Glamour style

“I like nude colours, which suit all skin colours and also go with all colours of hair. The dress is easy to combine with various accessories. Worn with thick tights and a warm sweater it will keep you warm in the cold winter months, especially if you add the impressive faux fur coat,” Ivana Mentlová advises.


The courage to stand out in the crowd

What about replacing that classic evening gown with an elegant jumpsuit made from 100% wool with a halter neckline? If you aren’t bold enough for the naked back, wear it with a t- shirt or shirt underneath. For an even more impressive effect wear the jumpsuit with the original shiny coat in leathertex.


Timeless classics with trendy elements

The premier collection mixes the best of the fashion trends with tried and tested timeless classic pieces. The long black dress benefits from contrasting materials with various structures. The soft velvet is complemented by a leather tie at the waist and the built-in corset and stretchy fabric ensure that the dress will fit you perfectly. Ivana Mentlová’s tip: “The oversize wool blazer will replace a winter coat and is easy to combine due to its short length. The striped lining means that it also looks great if you turn the sleeves up.”


In honour of the nineties

“The shiny patent shirt is one of my favourite items,” Ivana Mentlová admits. “It is sewn from shiny leathertex fabric, which reminds me of the paper anoraks that were fashionable in the nineties.” The shirt is made in a very limited quantity and looks great. It can also be worn with the corduroy trouser suit on festive or formal occasions.


Contrasts and opposites

The Silverline collection is distinguished by the combination of various fabric structures. The black dress made from opaque fabric has transparent sleeves and creates a perfect distinctive feminine outfit when worn with the artificial fur caramel coat.


Timeless and versatile combinations

The unifying element throughout the entire collection is traditional men’s fashion, while retaining feminine elements. Other connecting elements include the high-quality fabrics and the fact that all the items can be flexibly combined, even with models from previous collections.


From the men’s wardrobe

The dark men’s style blazer with precise elaborate details is a versatile item for your wardrobe, which you can also wear as part of a casual outfit. Simply add jeans or leather shorts and you will create a sexy model for a party.