Essential wardrobe basics

Do you also spend time wondering what to wear in the morning? We present basic wardrobe items that will help you with your everyday styling. Timeless dresses, trousers, skirts, jackets, blouses and ordinary t-shirts in neutral colours, such as black, white and grey, are easy to combine, will tastefully complement the newest trends and flatter every age category and type of figure. See what items every woman’s wardrobe should certainly contain.


Iconic trench-coat

English elegance and a timeless sporting look, the classic trench-coat can be worn across the various styles. It depends on your mood whether you pair it with jeans, a dress, a skirt or trendy leather trousers, but you will always feel comfortable and feminine when wearing it. You can also add unusual accessories, such as a hat, a captain’s cap, a neck scarf or netted socks with trousers above the ankle to give your outfit a little more flair.


Business style

A well-fitting black jacket should also be a foundation stone of your wardrobe. Although it may seem that this is a boring, classic item, only suited for wearing to business meetings, it will make you look elegant, tasteful and stylish when paired with trendy items and interesting accessories. Whether you choose classic jeans or trousers from the same fabric, you will always look the lady. Don’t be afraid to wear it over your naked body or accessorise it with a bold belt to emphasise your silhouette.


A coat as an investment

It is really worth investing in some items. You will enjoy wearing them every day and they will retain their place in your wardrobe over several seasons. A good-quality, well-designed coat is certainly one such item. You can choose from many colours, but we recommend you choose this item in a versatile black, which is suited for ordinary everyday wear and also for celebratory or formal occasions.


The eternal LBD

The little black dress has been the absolute basis of a woman’s wardrobe for nearly one hundred years since it was introduced to the world by fashion icon Coco Chanel. This item has become essential for every woman because it can be transformed into a formal or casual outfit using playful styling. It can be worn with pumps to work, with tennis shoes and a denim jacket on a walk about town, or with an elegant coat and deluxe jewels to the theatre or an evening event. Whether you choose a classic sheath dress, a romantic A-line skirt or a strapless version, you will fall in love with the LBD.


Trendy layering

With the arrival of modern layering, you should also have a quality sweater in a neutral colour in your wardrobe. This item will look great separately, or it can be worn as a warm alternative to a t-shirt under a jacket. Another popular version is a button-up sweater or cardigan. Whether you choose a waist-length or a knee-length version, you will fall in love with its versatility. You can wear it with narrow trousers, a sheath dress or pencil skirt and it will also be a good substitute for a light coat or jacket in spring.


An every-day companion

The so-called basic plain white or black t-shirt is an eternal classic, which you can easily wear every day. It is great for all occasions and you can’t slip up with it. The combination of a t-shirt with jeans creates a timeless outfit, but it is also great when paired with extravagant items, bold patterns or brightly coloured trousers and skirts. If you want to elevate your t-shirt to a trendy level, don’t be afraid to wear it with interesting jewellery and accessories. It is up to you whether you choose a short-sleeved or long-sleeved version.