Pietro Filipi Club


How to become a club member 

When making a purchase in our store, simply fill in the membership form. From then on, all your purchases will be credited to your club account.

The more you buy, the greater the discount you get 

Once the total sum on your club account exceeds 600 €, you will receive a 5 % discount. This also applies if you make a single purchase exceeding this sum.

The more you buy, the greater the discount you get:

Account credit over period Discount for subsequent period
600€ – 1199€ 5% discount
1200€ – 2499€ 10% discount
2500€ – 4999€ 15% discount
5000€ and more 20% discount



Use your discount for a whole year

If the credit on your club account means you receive a discount, you can make discounted purchases for a whole year. If you manage to increase your club account credit over that year and receive an even larger discount, that discount applies from that day on for another one year period.

Extent of discount

The discount applies to all non-discounted Pietro Filipi brand goods. We do not provide any further discount on already discounted goods. These purchases are also credited to your club account, helping you to acquire a club discount on non-discounted goods.

Garment adjustments

Club members who have received a 15% and 20% discount, or have made a one-off purchase for at least CZK 15,000 receive free garment adjustments.

In addition, the club members gain free standard adjustments (trousers length shortening, waist narrowing and sleeves length shortening of the jacket without functional buttons) when buying the men's suit.

An up-to-date price list and a list of adjustments are available on your request.

Other membership benefits

You can return the goods within 30 days without giving a reason.
You do not need any receipts; we keep them for you.
You don’t need to have you card with you when you make purchases; simply inform store staff of your membership.
You will always be the first to find out about Pietro Filipi new collections. We also organise exclusive events for club members.