The new Rain Man collection - functional, elegant, urban, sporty

“Elegant men’s urban fashion with hi-tech elements and a touch of sportiness,” is how designer Filip Hieke from Pietro Filipi briefly describes the new collection. This limited and exclusive edition, which is targeted at autumn/winter, can also be worn in the spring months.

Who is the Rain Man collection intended for? 
This is primarily fashion for wearing in town. Winters here are not so much about snow, but more about rain and bad weather, which is also why the collection is called Rain Man. This is a men’s collection, which combines elegance with functional and sporting elements. Pietro Filipi is considered a formal brand and this is also what the collection is based on, but Rain Man is younger, sportier fashion. The universal trend is to include sports elements in formal collections and vice versa. 

By functional elements, do you mean protection against the rain for instance? 
Exactly. This collection is not intended as a substitute for sportswear. However, it is a very interesting combination of elegance and protection against bad weather. We work with super high-quality Italian fabrics. You can choose just one item to complement your wardrobe, for instance an anorak, jacket or trousers, or you can create an entire outfit from the Rain Man collection. Everything is coordinated in dark colours (black, dark blue), with the addition of denim items for instance. The entire collection is very easy to combine. 

Is this an autumn/winter collection? 
Yes, and I would also add spring. For instance one of the anoraks has a functional removable inner vest. If the weather is warm you simply unbutton it and wear the anorak without it, or wear the vest separately. Both parts are made from functional fabric. This is a comprehensive collection. It contains sweaters and sweatshirts and you can also find t-shirts made from warm wool with a reflective element and shirts in it. 

Is there also something for customers who are fans of suit jackets? 
The Rain Man collection also offers suits. The fabric is from an Italian supplier and is made from one-hundred per cent high-quality wool from the Super Sonic edition, which has a technical character. The suit is densely woven and can withstand rain, or more precisely the wool does not suffer in the rain like tweed jackets do for instance. The jacket is classic dark-blue, while the lining gives a sportier impression thanks to the purity of the simple dark colours. 

What is the warmest item you can choose from the Rain Man collection for the oncoming winter? 
The warmest item is a quilted coat with membrane, classic buttons and a collar. However, it has a removable insert with hood, which gives it a completely new dimension. The collection is about sophisticated details and sporty elements, which raise the bar of elegance a little higher. 

Which elements do you mean? 
For instance brake toggles, eyelets and black, rubber-coated zipper tabs, which give a sporty impression. You can find removable hoods, adjustable waists, sleeves and similar on selected items. 

How many items will Rain Man offer for sale? 
This is naturally a limited edition again, which focuses on exclusiveness rather than quantity. For instance approximately two hundred and fifty pieces of the aforementioned coat with insert will be made. You won’t find more than that number worldwide. 

Filip Hieke - Designer of the Pietro Filipi men’s collection Filip started working for Pietro Filipi right after he graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. He has also studied fashion in Italy at the Politecnico di Milano University. As well as fashion, Filip also works in illustration and product design. “I think that as a qualified fashion designer I will always view things around me differently to a typical product designer. I am more interested in colours, texture and material,” he says.

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