Buy an entire outfit at Pietro Filipi and save up to 20%

This is a unique opportunity! Come to Pietro Filipi to choose a whole outfit and get a discount. For purchases over 390 EUR you get 10% discount, over 590 EUR it is 15% discount and for a purchase over 790 EUR, you get 20% discount. 


You will be deducted the discount automatically at the checkout. For the e-shop just enter the discount code in the shopping cart. 


- For purchases over 390 EUR you get 10%* off - use the code OUTFIT10

For purchases over 590 EUR you get 15%* off - use the code OUTFIT15

- For purchases over 790 EUR you get 20%* off - use the code OUTFIT20

* This offer is valid in our stores and on the e-shop. The promotion cannot be combined with club offers and other discounts. It does not apply to Pietro Filipi outlet stores (Fashion Arena Sterboholy, Outlet Arena Moravia).


The discount is valid from 3. – 31. 10. 2019.

The promotion cannot be combined with other discounts and/or loyalty cards.

- The offer is valid for the brick-and-mortar stores (except outlets) and for the e-shop.

Goods purchased from a physical store using this discount offer cannot be returned, only exchanged.

- If you return part of your order, you will lose the total discount applied.

Action is valid from 3.10.2019 to 31.10.2019 Check out our new collections