Pietro Filipi is celebrating its 25th birthday! Our story begins in 1993, when entrepreneur Petr Hendrych decided to set up a company which would create high-quality Czech fashion. At this time, his son Filip was born, and combining their first names formed that of the company, Pietro Filipi.

Over time, a few employees in a store-room in Nusle grew into today’s team, with roughly forty branches in six countries around the world. But we have remained Czechoslovaks at heart with 80 % of our production still within the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and our team of designers in Prague.

For us, Made in Czechoslovakia is a hallmark of quality – and it was a label worn by all the products we used to proudly export abroad from Czechoslovakia. We are just as proud of our clothes, and that’s why we always produce them in limited numbers of 30 to 400 items.

A quarter of a century deserves a real celebration! We’re celebrating it with Czech actress and fashion icon Aňa Geislerová, who has previously designed her own successful collection for Pietro Filipi.

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Happy birthday!

From a few employees in a small storeroom in Nusle, over 25 years we have grown into the company of today, with roughly forty branches in six countries around the world. Last year, young Czech investor, Michal Mička, purchased Pietro Filipi, and although his initial investment was of a purely financial nature, he became actively involved in the company’s operations as CEO. Together, we are now working to ensure Pietro Filipi is better than ever before.

Made in Czechoslovakia

80% of our production takes place in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and although we were set up in 1993, i.e. when the Czech Republic was already separate, we still remain Czechoslovak at heart. Besides our factories, over our whole period of operations we have also had stores in Slovakia, and although we have expanded into other countries around the world over the years, our base has always remained here. We are Made in Czechoslovakia. 

Returning ambassador

For this time of celebration, successful Czech actor, Aňa Geislerová has become the face of Pietro Filipi. This is no coincidence, as we have worked with Aňa in the past. She even tried out the role of fashion designer for a few years at Pietro Filipi, creating a number of highly successful collections. This summer, we took part in a photo-shoot for our autumn/winter 2018 collection campaign on Lucerna Palace’s hot roof with its enchanting view over Prague.