The Czech Pietro Filipi brand has been engaged in the fashion world for 25 years. 

The story begins in 1993 when entrepreneur Petr Hendrych decided to establish a company which was going to create quality Czech fashion. At that time, his first son, Filip, was born, and by combining first names the Pietro Filipi brand was formed.

In November 2017, investor Michal Mička, who had successfully been involved in creating a number of companies including his own Incomming Ventures investment company, purchased an 80% stake in the company. 

The new owner has also invested tens of millions of crowns in the Liftago alternative taxi service, and Favorit wheel manufacturer. He performs the role of CEO at Pietro Filip and is actively involved in the creation of the men’s collection.

Collection originality

All our collections are created by a team of experts and leading Czech designers. Together, we create elegant timeless models which reflect Pietro Filipi style.


The value of Pietro Filipi clothing is not just in its design and quality of production, but also in the limited numbers of items made, promoting their exclusivity. We tailor from 30 to a maximum of 400 items of each product.

Local production

Local production
We believe in the value of long-term relationships and we carefully select our suppliers. We have our products made mainly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, thus supporting local production. This means we have maximum overview of the quality of each item made.