The Czech brand Pietro Filipi

has had its role in the world of fashion already
for more than 20 years.

The story began in 1993 when the founder of the brand Petr Hendrych decided to build a brand that would represent a quality Czech fashion that would help people make up their own significant style.

While thinking about the name of the brand he got inspired by Italy as the country that leads the trends not only in fashion.

At that time his firstborn son Filip was born and the combination of the first names mentioned and Italian influence helped to create the name of the new Czech brand - Pietro Filipi.

Original collections

The collections are being created by the team of professionals and great Czech and foreign designers.

The talented designer team is already creating the originality of the product by making the first draft and is making elegant and timeless collections that are reflecting the Pietro Filipi style.


The value of the Pietro Filipi product is not only in its design but also in the quality of production and in the limited number of produced pieces that adds the product its exclusivity. The company makes the pieces in the range of minimum 30 to maximum 400 pieces.

Local production

Pietro Filipi believes in the value of long-term relationships with its suppliers and business partners which the company is building and developing continuously. Its products are therefore being made by certified manufacturers of more than 80% in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic and thus supporting local production. Thanks to personal relationships and local production the company can control better the production process and has an overview of the quality of each designer piece being produced.


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